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> >>In short, you'll probably notice some slowdown, but Eclipse is the best
> >>IDE I've ever used and it's worth it :) [*]
> >
> >
> > The intention of my post is to tell Antoine to get the most out of his
> > system. I agree, physical limits are limits. :)
> Thanks for that - it is the garbage collector I am supposed to be tuning?
> Cheers
> Antoine

And try to give the system a larger heap size by using -Xms and -Xmx.
I found it quite effective on one of the systems with very limited
resources. These arguments are not limited to eclipse, I believe you
can also use them on netbeans.

Eclipse is said to be faster as SWT is meant to be of lighter weight
than AWT, however, eclipse itself is more sophisticated than netbeans.

I guess you should try both out, with different jvm settings, see
which works the best.


-- Joe

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