On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 21:19, Keith Gable wrote:
> I just upgraded my board, and the sound card on it is a VIA 8233
> (AC97, snd-via82xx). Anyways, my keyboard hotkeys to increase/decrease
> the volume don't actually work. I looked into it, and the only thing
> that has an effect on the "master" mixer is mute/unmute. Volume has
> absolutely no effect. PCM doesn't either. It seems the only one that
> has any effect as far as sound output goes is one called "VIA DXS".
> Moving that slider makes the volume go up and down.
> What I'm asking is one of these two things:
> 1) How can I map the master mixer controls to this mixer?
> or
> 2) How can I make my GNOME volume control applet increase/decrease
> that mixer instead of the master mixer?
> TIA.

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