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> Hi,
> I feel a bit dumb here.
> On my Redhat systems, when I open a root shell and have the message "You 
> have new mail in /root", I just type "mail" and there I am reading the 
> messages on the command line.
> With Gentoo, I get the "You have new mail..." message, but I don't have 
> the proper application to read it (and do not know what to emerge).
> Moreover, I am not able to find the messages!  I looked under /root, 
> under /var and did not find any (I might just be missing them, but I 
> suspect they are not getting where they should).
> Can anyone let me know what to install / setup to get this going?
> BTW, I have installed metalog for system logger, if that matters.
> Thanks.
> Marc
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A few usual suspects:


If you want to use the mail command, you will need to emerge

For other clients, check /usr/portage/mail-client/

I personally use mutt for my user accounts, and just less for root. 

What MTA/MDA did you install? qmail? Postfix? Check their settings in
/etc, they usually offer a clue to where the mail is being delivered. 


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