For some days can't display or input cyrillic chars in vim, gvim or nedit. It works in browsers,mail etc.
It worked flawlessly till now. Searched in b.g.o - nothing IMO.
Also works in console. All ~x86 system.
As initially there were an error-message, when starting/loading a file:
Error detected while processing /usr/share/vim/vimfiles/plugin/vimspell.vim:
line 1536:
E227: mapping already exists for \ss
line 1549:
E227: mapping already exists for \sl
Hit ENTER or type command to continue
Renamed vimspell.vim, error gone, but then it began writing some weird chars (latin ones are OK).
Any hints? Think of re-emerging vim and all gentoo-syntax/plugins. Nothing in revdep-rebuild.

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