On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, Michael Sullivan wrote:

Mail is flowing here at espersunited.com, but SMTP connection is really
slow.  Takes over a minute to connect to the server box and send an
email.  I checked the FAQ and sendmail.org and it suggested something I
could try.  I tried it, and it spead smtp up by a few seconds, but not
much more.  The FAQ said that if their fix didn't work it was probably a
DNS issue.  I don't think there's much I can do about it for now until I
learn more about DNS...

Probably reverse DNS. has no reverse DNS setup, my personal preferance when I'm on a residential connection is to smarthost my sendmail configuration through my ISP. (It's actually very good practice)

add the following to your sendmail.mc file


That way all outgoing messages will go out through your ISP's server.

Also, if you are connecting from the internal side you can setup a hosts file on the sendmail box with your internal IP Address given a name.     two-proc_secure     jen2


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