> > Each line in your links.txt is a list of different mirror urls for the
> > same package separated by '%20'.
> > This should take the first link from every line and pass it to wget:
> > cat links.txt | sed -e 's/%20.*//' | xargs -n 1 wget
> > or alternatively:
> > sed -e 's/%20.*//' <links.txt >links1.txt
> > wget -i links1.txt
> >
> > Eugene.
> Thank you, that seems to be working great.  Should I update the wiki?
> It says I should do this on the networkless machine:
> emerge -fp package1 package2 2> links.txt
> and this on the networked machine:
> wget -i links.txt
> and that's what I did.
> - Grant

Actually that first line of code ends up trying to download the same
file over and over.  I think there are a bunch of different paths
specified for each file so it can always find one that works.  I think
it is trying to download each one of those.

The alternate solution ends up in the same situation as before with a
bunch of bad paths.

- Grant
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