I used to run a RedHat 8 server (that hadn't really been updated for three
years due to the hassle of RPMS) with Sendmail and SMTPS.

I finally took the plunge and setup a new Gentoo server this past weekend. I
was told to use Exim (or anything but sendmail). Everything is generally
working except for SMTPS.  This is a problem because I have many virtual
hosts and friends that use my server as their mail server. 

I can't seem to find any HOWTO or other documentation on how to
enable/configure this. Regular SMTP works, but it only works for my local
LAN or I assume if I were to enable a bunch of RELAYs in some config file.
SMTPS will avoid that insecurity, plus I travel a lot and need SMTPS for my
XP notebook mail to work.

I've mimic'd my firewall rules in shorewall configs, so I don't think that's
the problem. Also SMTPS runs on port 25 AFAIK anyways. 

Here's what I have installed:

daevid sites # emerge -Dav exim

These are the packages that I would merge, in order:

Calculating dependencies ...done!
[ebuild   R   ] mail-mta/exim-4.43-r2  +X -dnsdb -exiscan -exiscan-acl +ipv6
-ldap -lmtp -mailwrapper -mbox +mysql -nis +pam +perl -postgres -sasl +ssl
-syslog +tcpd 1,355 kB 

Total size of downloads: 1,355 kB

Do I need SASL support?

And also, why is +X in there? Does exim have an X frontend interface to
configure it?

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