On April 5, 2005 08:29 am, fire-eyes wrote:
> My editor of choice is vim. I administer about 5 systems. On one of
> these, the following behavior happens.
> Before i decide to go into append or insert mode, I want to go to
> the end of a line. I hit the END key. The cursor flashes, and if
> there is a letter underneat it and it is lowecase, it's uppercased.

why not use standardized "$" to get to the end of the line? "End" is 
not standard thus can behave differently on different systems. Using 
"$" is safer and promises to behave same way regardless of system.

> No other systems do this to me. I'm ssh'ing into all of these
> systems from one system, so I'm using the same keyboard every time.
> Any ideas?
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