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I am not familiar with pound...

My reverse proxy is only for web requests :)

I want "http://<domain>/perl/*" to be proxied; I don't mind if my lightweight apache handles stuff like "http://<domain>/imgs/logo.png"
That way my memory intensive perl app doesn't consume large amounts of memory for requests of static content (the lightweight non-apache server takes care of that)

If each perl enabled apache process consumes 5 megas (depends on the app) 100 processes consumes 500 MB. I can cut the memory usage down by making my apache processes more specialized. Vanilla apache for requests that do not require perl and all it memory baggage, and Perl apache for those requests that are dependent on some perl processing.

I can have 50 or 100 lightweight apache processes running and 5 or 10 perl enabled apache processes without paying for the memory of 100 perl processes.

I am not sure if pound fits my requirements

I understand. Yes, it will work, yes. it does fit your requirements. I'm just not sure how to set the configuration file. It's probably something you will need to do with URL group but I haven't found the documentation.


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