While it's certain that people join the Gentoo mailing list (or any
other mailing list for that matter) to get help with the software...I
think that in some respects some times folks are not being mature with
respect to the community aspect of the list and in other cases are
outright abusing the list (which I myself have done as well)

I think that we should make some rules for the list.

For example on the BIND mailing list, one of the rules was before you
submitted a post, you needed to do some research online and check the
archieves, b/c if you didn't then you got dogged out (and (perhaps)
rightly so) for it.

While it is mentioned that there are no official archieves at: 
Folks can find certain answers and postings if they use google...

This is just a suggestion, and I certainly apologize if I offend
anyone with it, but I think that we want to maintain the list as a
center of high quality discussion and information sharing, and not get
bogged down with redundant issues.

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