On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 15:43 -0700, darren kirby wrote:
> quoth the Grant:
> > I've been screwed over by Netgear for being a Linux user and I need to
> > spread the word.  I've been having a seriously difficult time getting
> > my Gentoo machines reliably connected to my wireless network for
> > almost 6 months.  The software end of things is finally rock solid and
> > I now realize that one of my 3 wireless cards works only sometimes.
> > Luckily, I have two of that card.  One copy works every time in two
> > different machines and the other works sometimes in them.
> >
> > Very long story short, they will not replace my bad card because I
> > can't try it in Windows.  I even explained to them that I bought 3
> > Netgear wireless cards and one Netgear router through Dell 6 months
> > ago.  Even after a lot of yelling and bad noise they would not budge.
> > The rep said he agreed with me but that that it is out of his hands.
> > He also would not put me on the phone with his supervisor.
> >
> > - Grant
> Allthough I am not sure this is the best place for a personal rant against 
> some company, I am sorry to hear of your bad luck. 

Maybe not, but here is another one that is a prime example of why not to
trust netgear:


In short, their "Gigabit" cards don't support network traffic...


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