>> > Allthough I am not sure this is the best place for a personal rant against
>> > some company, I am sorry to hear of your bad luck.
>> Maybe not, but here is another one that is a prime example of why not to
>> trust netgear:

I'm not sure that it's reasonable to signle out netgear here.  All the cheap 
vendors have their issues.  Linksys used to have faulty spanning tree 
in their L2 100Mbps switches, and their initial wireless access points had such 
broken UI that they were almost unusable.  Signal range also sucked.  Netgear
has typically been quite reliable for unmanaged L2 switches.

These days, I'm pretty much resigned to having to buy Cisco for routers and
wireless, HP for switches, and intel for network cards.  They all work together
quite well and are reliable.

Netgear used to make decent network cards, but that stopped 3-4 years ago.
To my knowledge, linksys and dlink never had a great reputation to begin


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