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John Myers wrote:

> On Tuesday 05 April 2005 07:20, Digby Tarvin wrote:
> > Now on my old SuSE KDM, underneath the Password line is heading
> > "Session Type" with a drop down menu which in its passive state
> > shows the window manager that will be used by default once you
> > enter your user name.
> >
> > On the bottom line are four buttons/menus: Go, Clear, Menu and Shutdown,
> > with 'menu' just containing the 'restart x-server' option.
> >
> > However on my Gentoo install, I get no "Session Type" line, and only
> > three options on the bottom line: Login, Clear and Menu.
> >
> > Now the "Shutdown" and "Session Type" functionality does exist on
> > the gentoo setup, but it is burried down in the 'Menu' sub-menus,
> > nowhere near as convenient to get to, and as I change window managers
> > all the time, annoying not to have a display of what the default is
> > going to be for the next session.
> >
> > So I am curious - is there a setting somewhere that I have not
> > stumbled accross that controls this behaviour? Has KDM taken a
> > backward step? Or did SuSE make some improvements that hasn't found
> > their way into other systems yet??
> AFAIK, you're out of luck, unless you want to modify the KDM source yourself. 
> I don't remember how 2.2 kdm worked, but I know all the 3.x kdms I've used 
> have the layout you describe. Also, IIRC, there have been discussions on the 
> KDE lists about what the name of the Menu menu should be, because of its 
> contents, including the Session Type submenu.
> Actually , now that you mention it, I do remember the session type option. 
> But 
> I certainly haven't seen it since I moved to Gentoo (post-kde-3.0), and I do 
> think it eventually disappeared from my Mandrake kdm back when I used 
> Mandrake.

Like John I am pretty sure that this is a "feature" of the current kdm
setup. I got lost finding sessions to start with. I dunno why they hid
it in "menu" - perhaps to unclutter, or perhaps to be less confusing to
people that just want to keep using the same WM.

BTW the graphical configurator for kdm can be started with "kcmshell kdm" - or 
somewhere in the k menu.

Nick Rout

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