On Wednesday 06 April 2005 10:22, éæ å wrote:
> Being dumb again. I really know nothing about graphic libraries.
> I noticed many packages can be compiled with "ggi" or "sdl" USE flag, and
> libsdl can be compiled with "ggi" USE flag, but libggi cannot be compiled
> with "sdl" USE flag. Then I come to guess, since SDL can use GGI for
> rendering, GGI should be some lowever level graphic engine. Thus, if an
> application can be compiled to work with either ggi or sdl, then it should
> be faster using ggi.
> I am using ultra-sparc U2 with a very normal video card, what should I
> choose if an application (game or video player) support both SDL and GGI?
> And should I compile libsdl with "ggi" USE flag?

you are comparing apples with peas ;o)

ggi is a lowlevel graphics system, to replace X or svgalib.

SDL is an abstraction for ogl/X/svgalib/directX and a lot of other stuff.

And SDL is A GOOD THING, because sdl-apps are very portable and do not care 
much, what graphics-subsys is used, as long as it is supported by sdl ;)

And what is faster? I do not know, but with SDL you are able to choose the 
best supported/the fastesd mode that you need at the moment.

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