Note if you're not used to V.C.S.'s :: you can get tings without *officially* checking them out. There are instructions for the Gentoo version of this somewhere, I suppose.


Ciaran McCreesh wrote:

On Wed, 06 Apr 2005 11:34:00 +0800 Zhang Weiwu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
| >| The first step is to checkout gentoo-x86 module,
| >
| >You can't. Access to gentoo CVS is limited to developers.
| >
| It's ridiculous. It's being said, if I wish to be a developer, I need
| to  do something like porting a software into gentoo and write an
| ebuild and  get accepted, while in the 'writing ebuild' handbook it's
| said to write  ebuilds I first checkout current gentoo-x86, and you
| told me to checkout  gentoo-x86 I need to be a developer.

You don't need cvs access to write ebuilds, only to commit them. You can
write ebuilds and test them in overlay and then submit them via bugzilla
for review.

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