On Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 04:49:40PM +0700, Pandu Poluan wrote

> I suggest splitting this step into two:
> 3a) Create /sbin/linuxrc containing at least ... chmod ...
> 3b) Append "init=/sbin/linuxrc" to bootloader line
> Slightly less confusing :-)

  OK.  I'll modify it as suggested.  There is talk on the gentoo-dev
list that mod-utils will be replaced by virtual/mod-utils which will
default to kmod (required to build udev-181).  Note that mod-utils and
kmod are mutually exclusive.  That should be taken care of in the
ebuilds, but I'll monitor the situation.  I may have to modify the setup
instructions for conversion to mdev... i.e. an additional step, removing
kmod and installing mod-utils.

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