On 23 August 2005 20:14, Holly Bostick wrote:
> Matthias Krebs schreef:
> > And as
> > someone else mentioned before, vesafb-tng is not a valid kernel
> > parameter, so everything after it is ignored.
> In what world is this? If you're using vesafb-tng (added to the kernel
> options by the fbsplash patch which you get with the gentoo kernels,
> which is no surprise, given that it was created by spock, a gentoo
> developer), then it most certainly is a valid kernel parameter (and was
> selected in the kernel config output that was posted in a previous message.
> If the post you're referring to was Uwe's, I don't think he meant that
> the parameter was invalid, but rather that rather than using vesafb-tng,
> that the OP should try "regular" vesafb, which might work where
> vesafb-tng wasn't working.

Nope, that was not what I meant. I meant: If you select vesafb-tng during 
kernel configuration, "vesafb" on the kernel command line refers to 
vesafb-tng. That's how it works here without *any* problem.


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