Jarry wrote:
I'm using sendmail as my mail-server, and I noticed, that mail for
users is stored in $HOME/.maildir, not in /var/spool/mail.
And each mail is stored as separate file, not all in one file.

It's called the "maildir" mail storage format. I find it very useful, especially with big mailboxes...

Some mail clients does not look for new mail in $HOME/.maildir
with default settings (for example elm, only with -f).

Your mailreader must support maildir to read mails from it, of course. But yours seems to do it (with -f), so that's not really a problem, is it?

Moreover, I expected that all mail will be in /var/spool/mail, so
I created /var relatively big and now I see that it is almost empty.

Well, normally your /home isn't that small, so that shouldn't be a problem 

Even my pop3 server does not look for new mail in $HOME/.maildir,
so no user can download his mail throught pop3...

Again, use a pop3 server which supports maildir, and everything is fine.

How can I force my mailserver to use /var/spool/mail?

You could add mbox to your useflags and emerge sendmail. If you *really* want to use mbox...

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