Fernando Canizo wrote:

El 24/ago/2005 a las 04:01 -0300, Jonas me decĂ­a:
Second, the whole idea is to do this for non-connected systems. Meaning, a
solution not involving the Internet... =)
If you're refering to the fact that the person doesn't have an internet connection when he wants to view this information throught the emerge interface, then you're wrong. When you want to install or you're just searching for a package you're using the emerge interface , when you need more info you have to 1) open your browser 2) type in the url (if you're lucky you know the url or it's in your browsers cache) 3) search for the package on the website , while instead you could just do something like emerge --desc package. Now what's quicker and makes more sence ?

Exactly! That's what i'm refering to. It's not an issues of connection it's an
issue of lazyness! It's like: "-- hey what are you doing this weekend? -- don't
know, it's cold and raining, i think i'm gonna sit in my throne and check what's
new on 'app-vim' to improve my vimyness, if find something interesting i'll
check the package webpage."

What kind of a computer user are you ?
Really what a stupid remark , kinda foolish to say it's a bad idea to implement this feature just because there are other slower less direct methods for accomplishing a task !

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