On Wed, Aug 24, 2005 at 08:30:11PM +0000, Fernando Meira wrote:
> Oh.. and by the way, how reliable is this prediction?
> (...)
> [ebuild N ] sys-apps/hdparm-5.9 
> [ebuild N ] sys-libs/pwdb-0.62 
> Estimated update time: 6 hours, 7 minutes.
> All system in 6h? It is something like 120 packages..

What's the speed of your box? I recently did an emerge --emptytree
world on my 1.6G Pentium M laptop. It had 446 packages done in less
than 29 hours (I say less than because if would run long stretches at
a time and stop after failed downloads here and there because of
wireless problems... for all I know it could have been sitting there
waiting for me to fix my wireless router for a couple of hours or

So if you have a comparably fast system, with not too many useflags
enabled, I'd say that 120 packages in 6 hours is quite possible. 


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