Ok, I sync'd this morning, and now see the warning about udev 171-r10 being masked, so I guess it is time..

I know this was discussed quite a bit a few months ago, but just to refresh my memory...

My question is, if I am currently running 171-r10 on my server, and I have a separate lvm managed /usr partition, is it now safe to comment out my udev masks and update udev, with a reasonable expectation that doing so won't break my boot ability?

Also, should I manually fix the blockers:

[blocks B      ] sys-apps/module-init-tools ("sys-apps/module-init-tools" is 
blocking sys-apps/kmod-12-r1)
[blocks B      ] sys-apps/kmod ("sys-apps/kmod" is blocking 

by doing "emerge -C module-init-tools && emerge kmod" *before* upgrading udev? Or does it matter?


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