Todd Goodman <tsg <at>> writes:

> * Michael Orlitzky <mjo <at>> [150328 12:11]:
> > On 03/28/2015 10:36 AM, James wrote:
> > > James <wireless <at>> writes:

> > >> Often, I need to inspect and ponder these files: 
> > >> and Makefile
> > >> .am for a given ebuild. Is there an easy way to look at them without 
> > >> compiling the ebuild ? 

> > Those files are part of the upstream tarball. The easiest way to fetch
> > the sources without compiling them is with `emerge -f`. Then you can
> > copy the tarball out of $DISTDIR and unpack it somewhere.

> > Some ebuilds may patch or -- in that case it's
> > a little harder. I'm sure there's an elegant way to do it, but what I
> > usually do is begin to emerge the package and Ctrl-C it when it starts
> > compiling. Then you can find the sources under /var/tmp/portage.

> Wouldn't 'ebuild <ebuild_file_name> prepare' do what you want without
> trying to time a Ctrl-C?

The man page says: Prepares  the extracted sources by running the
src_prepare() function specified in the ebuild file. When src_prepare()
starts, the  current working  directory  will  be  set to ${S}.

I work with /usr/local/portage/* on a variety of new ebuilds and other
hacks. Sometime these  files under /var/tmp/portage are persistent and
sometimes they are not. I'm not sure where you set the rules (configs?)
to keep various files around a while after cleaning up. Surely I've
experimented with the ebuilds of new codes I'm putting together, so
I look for guidance and a semantic that other, more experienced folks use
with ebuilds. I just compiled seamonkey last night (Installed versions: 
2.33.1(12:56:48 AM 03/28/2015) and it is not there, but I also installed
firefox and it is there in (var/tmp/portage/www-client/firefox-24.5.0/)

 so # find . -print | grep -i '.*[.]ac'


and  # find . -print | grep -i ''


likewise I've been hacking at ebuilds for apache (spark and mesos)
The spark file are still under /var/tmp/portage/sys-cluster but the mesos
files, compiled just yesterday are not under /var/tmp/portage.  The 
same is true for ebuild in the portage tree. Some are there, some remain
and others.... who knows.

So with this in mind, how do I "tag" certain ebuilds to at least save the and files only for selected ebuild; either of which
may be in /usr/portage or /usr/local/portage?  (sorry for not being more
clear). Is this just some inconsistency in how various ebuilds are constructed?

Ideas and comments are most welcome.


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