On Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 02:56:10PM +0200, Ralf wrote:
> Hi folks,
> i just got my brand new Lenovo X1 Carbon and trying to get Gentoo
> running on it.
> ....
> I have a big problem with my kernel:
> It doesn't come back from standby.
> After closing the lid, the standby LED starts breathing, opening the lid
> doesn't change anything, even pressing the power button does not wake up
> the system. The only option is to reset the system by holding down the
> power button. Journalctl doesn't say anything except of "System reboot"
> after the Standby message:
>     ralf@omega:~$ sudo journalctl | grep -i "lid closed" -A
>     10                                                                        
>     130
>     Aug 23 19:12:20 omega systemd-logind[2075]: Lid closed.
>     Aug 23 19:12:20 omega systemd-logind[2075]: Suspending...
>     Aug 23 19:12:20 omega systemd[1]: Reached target Sleep.
>     Aug 23 19:12:20 omega systemd[1]: Starting Suspend...
>     Aug 23 19:12:20 omega systemd-sleep[2175]: Suspending system...
>     -- Reboot --
>     ......
> So I tried installing Arch linux (same kernel version, 4.1.6). Arch
> wakes up without any problems. As a try and quick fixI copied the Arch
> Kernel+Modules to my Gentoo system and it works fine, which means to me
> that I probably have a misconfigured kernel.
> But that's not the Gentoo way, I'd like to compile the kernel on my own.

Cool, at least it is supported. I know someone with that got a brand new
Lenovo about a year ago and had loads of issues with it, even with the
bleeding edge kernels in Arch.

> Does anyone know what I might be missing in my kernel config?
> Or does anyone also have a X1 Carbon 3rd generation and would like to
> share the .config with me?

Do you have SUSPEND=y (just checking)? Other things that I can
see related to suspend are SUSPEND_FREEZER, ACPI_SLEEP,
APM_IGNORE_USER_SUSPEND, and a bunch of Thinkpad/Lenovo related options.
I do not have suspend enabled on my laptop, so take this with a grain of

If you want to search various kernel options, you can run `make
menuconfig` in the source directory and use '/' (forward slash) to
search just like you're in `less'.


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