Alec Ten Harmsel <alec <at>> writes:

> I don't know anything about arm64, but if it is 64-bit, why would you
> need 32-bit binaries?

An enormous codebase that is not likely to get ported to 64 bit arm.
Easy (embedded) product migration to arm64.

also, arm64 supports big indian and little indian codes simultaneously.

> I also am a bit of a purist, and just run no-multilib because it is
> emotionally satisfying.

Naw. Your teasing?  (wink wink nudge nudge).....

> > On another note: have you seen spark-1.5 ? Cleaner build?
> >

> I haven't looked at the new features of 1.5 specifically, but I know
> that the build process is basically the same. The API is nice, but it is
> definitely possible to write a faster job using Hadoop's API since it is
> lower-level and can be optimized more, so I spend more time writing jobs
> using Hadoop's API.

I've read that building spark-1.5 from sources is much cleaner now.
bgo-523412. (your on the cc list?). Particularly parsing out
hadoop support, for more focus regression testing on bare metal
setups....  Drop me a line when you install 1.5 at work and how it
runs with Hadoop.


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