On Wed, 26 Aug 2015, Alec Ten Harmsel wrote:

> The main benefit is reduced compile times for some packages since I only
> compile the 64-bit versions, less stuff on the filesystem, etc. If you
> do not run any applications that use a 32-bit version of a library, that
> library is taking up disk space and compile time, but is never used.

The multilib profiles do not enable ABI_X86="32" by default so the default
setup is to only build the 64-bit versions of everything. These profiles
give you the _option_ to build both 32-bit and 64-bit things.

The only things multilib by default on a multlib profile are pretty much
glibc and gcc.

> I also am a bit of a purist, and just run no-multilib because it is
> emotionally satisfying.

The above reasons would make emotional satisfaction and purity the only
reasons to go down this road. Doesn't mean they're not valid :)

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