On 2016-09-16 09:43, J. Roeleveld wrote:
On Thursday, September 15, 2016 08:36:20 PM Dan Johansson wrote:
After upgrading to Plasma (KDE5) I have a problem with my dual monitor

When I start/restart a new session both monitors are "displayed" "on
top" of each other (see Screenshot_20160915_201441.png). After
"dragging" DVI-I-1 to the right of DVI-D-0 in SystemSettings (see
Screenshot_20160915_201601.png) everything looks OK.

Any suggestions why this is happening (some file-permission some where?)
and where to search for a solution?

Quick guess, you are running "stable" kde plasma (5.6.5)?
There is a bug there that is fixed in later versions.

I am using 5.7.4 and haven't seen that issue anymore.

Yes, you are correct, I'm running stable (5.6.5).
Then I'll have to wait for next release to "go stable" or try upgrading to 5.7.4.

Thanks for your support.

Dan Johansson,
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