On Saturday 17 Sep 2016 02:04:19 P Levine wrote:
> If you can get systemsettings working, the setting would be in "Input
> Devices" -> "Mouse".
> Otherwise, here's some example configs:
> ~/.config/org.kde.gwenviewrc <http://textuploader.com/ds0qs>
> ~/.config/kdeglobals (debian) <http://textuploader.com/ds0l7>
> ~/.config/kdeglobals (gentoo) <http://textuploader.com/ds0qa>

Thanks, I already have mouse settings to 'SingleClick=true' but it doesn't 
work in Dolphin, nor do any menu icons show up.  In addition, the Network 
places is empty.  Thankfully, in Konqueror all of the above features are 
working as they should.  :-)


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