On 17/09/2016 17:16, Robin Atwood wrote:
> On Saturday 17 September 2016, Alan McKinnon wrote:
>> What a peculiar odd thing to say. You might want to revisit your word
>> choice there.
> Perhaps you're right. Unfortunately I don't have the time currently to
> fight with ebuilds so I will declare my system, in IBM's immortal
> expression, "functionally stabilised"! It does everything I need it to
> so updates are not really necessary. I looked into the KDE5 upgrade
> recently and what I read did not inspire me with confidence.

KDE5 works well enough, I've been using it here for months. There are
recurring reports of icons going missing and other uber-annoying
cosmetic issues, but I find the software quite functional.

One thing KDE5 isn't though, is KDE4++ :-)

If KDE4 is really what you want, then you best stick with it.

Alan McKinnon

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