On 09/17/2016 12:08 PM, Alan McKinnon wrote:
> On 17/09/2016 17:16, Robin Atwood wrote:
>> On Saturday 17 September 2016, Alan McKinnon wrote:
>>> What a peculiar odd thing to say. You might want to revisit your word
>>> choice there.
>> Perhaps you're right. Unfortunately I don't have the time currently to
>> fight with ebuilds so I will declare my system, in IBM's immortal
>> expression, "functionally stabilised"! It does everything I need it to
>> so updates are not really necessary. I looked into the KDE5 upgrade
>> recently and what I read did not inspire me with confidence.
> KDE5 works well enough, I've been using it here for months. There are
> recurring reports of icons going missing and other uber-annoying
> cosmetic issues, but I find the software quite functional.

I like to actually *use* my computer though, not fight the DE. When I
tried it months ago, plasma would crash every 10 seconds on its own.

KDE5 won't be stable until another year at the minimum. After installing
it and having the crashing (and other issues, but the main one was the
constant crashing) I had no desire to put up with a broken DE for years
like my experience with KDE4. Hell, with KDE4 it took them two years to
put back basic functionality like a fully-functional systemsettings.

> One thing KDE5 isn't though, is KDE4++ :-)
> If KDE4 is really what you want, then you best stick with it.

It sure isn't easy though. I've stopped updating my computer and I
probably won't try KDE5 until middle next year. Hopefully by then it'll
actually be *usable*. It would have been nice if they snapshotted kde4
7-8 months ago and put the entirety in kde-sunset before messing with
ebuilds and creating cross-version dependencies.


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