On 18/09/16 15:02, Peter Humphrey wrote:
On Saturday 17 Sep 2016 22:55:32 Neil Bothwick wrote:
On Sat, 17 Sep 2016 17:10:28 +0100, Peter Humphrey wrote:
Has anyone managed to install a customised (or even standard) SysRescCd
image onto a USB stick so that it will boot in UEFI mode?

I've done it several times with a stock SysResCd. Just loop mount the ISO
and run the install script.

Yes, I can do that with no trouble; I just wanted to see if I could use
their instructions to make my own version.

I've never bothered to try to customise it as I usually only use them to
install Gentoo.

A few times this box has somehow lost its UEFI stubs and I've had to use a
rescue CD to reinstall them.

I tried this several times. Finally installed Gentoo with Xfce DE and all utilities I could think of ever using on a USB drive.

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