160919 Neil Bothwick wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Sep 2016 19:53:10 -0400, Philip Webb wrote:
>> I got around the problem by using :
>>   emerge --backtrack=30 -pvtD perl perl-Archive-Tar perl-Carp
>> perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib perl-CPAN-Meta-Requirements perl-Data-Dumper
>> perl-ExtUtils-CBuilder perl-ExtUtils-Install perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
>> perl-ExtUtils-Manifest perl-ExtUtils-ParseXS perl-File-Spec
>> perl-Getopt-Long perl-IO perl-Locale-Maketext perl-Perl-OSType
>> perl-Scalar-List-Utils perl-Test-Harness perl-Text-ParseWords
> I'm surprised you needed to jump through such hoops.
> I updated 2 stable systems to perl 5.22 last week
> and emerge @world took care of all blockers,
> although I did need to run perl-cleaner afterwards.

I never run 'emerge world' without '-p' :
it's the lazy way to manage a Gentoo system & asks for trouble.

>> Perl can stay where it is till LO 5.2 arrives in Portage :
>> in fact, isn't it a bit slow appearing ?
> has been in testing for a couple of days,
> but it appears that is the only ebuild in stable,
> so that may be the reason for your downgrade.

Actually, it wb an upgrade from .

Anyway, the problem is resolved & I can decide when/how to proceed.

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