On 09/19/2016 10:54 AM, Raymond Jennings wrote:
> Just curious, but how are gentoo's infra assets organized?
> Do you guys use VMs on top of hardware machines and whatnot?
> Reasons for asking:
> * general curiosity
> * wondering how a migration to use anongit.gentoo.org
> <http://anongit.gentoo.org> instead of github would go, particularly if
> it would help ease pressure on the rsync servers if demand went down
> - I heard something about a social contract where relying on third
> parties was a frowny point.

Popping in to #gentoo-infra and chatting with the folks there may get
you a faster response.

As far as I know, we accept pull requests from the GitHub mirror *or* a
standard `git format-patch` e-mail.

We do have a social contract[1] which indicates that we will not depend
on proprietary software. That said, the GitHub mirror is there for
convenience; I'm betting part of why we use it on the side is because it
already meshes well with Git to begin with and can be a good 'gateway'
for new contributors.

We also accept patches on the gentoo-dev ML or (depending on the
developer) personal e-mails or Bugzilla bugs. You might want to check
out a few pages on the wiki regarding how we handle contributions, or
pop in #gentoo-proxy-maint on Freenode.

[1] https://gentoo.org/get-started/philosophy/social-contract.html
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