I've got Gwenview to behave by installing Plasma-meta :
Systemsettings shows up with adequate options & single-click is back,
as are the previews of pix on the folder icons.

I've been a happy user of Fluxbox for many years,
but am willing to see how well KDE 5 works in 2016 .
>From a raw command terminal, I use 'startx' with appropriate  .xinitrc :
what do I need to have in the latter in order to start KDE 5 ?
What pkgs am I likely to need to install to make it work ?
I tried 'emerge -pvt kde-startkde', but that seems to be KDE 4 :
what do I need for KDE 5 ?

So far, I've installed Konsole (and a few other apps) with requirements
& Plasma as above.

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