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> >> You may want to set the default congestion control to fq-codel
> >> (it's in the kernel) if you're using DSL links. This may help your
> >> problem a little bit. It is most effective if you deploy traffic
> >> shaping at the same time. There was once something like
> >> wondershaper. Trick is to get the TCP queuing back inside your
> >> router (that is where you deployed pppoe) as otherwise packets
> >> will queue up in the modem (dsl modems use huge queues by
> >> default). This works by lowering the uplink bandwith to 80-90% of
> >> measured maximum upload (the excess bandwidth is for short bursts
> >> of traffic). Traffic shaping now re-orders the packets. It should
> >> send ACK and small packets first. This should solve your queuing
> >> problem.
> >>
> >> Between each step check for bufferbloat. I'm
> >> guessing it is currently way above 1000 ms while it should stay
> >> below 20-50 ms for dsl.
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> >> The fq-codel congestion control fights against buffer bloat. But it
> >> can only effectively work if you're doing traffic shaping at least
> >> on your uplink (downlink may or may not be worth the effort
> >> depending on your use-case).
> >>
> >> Additionally, you can lower the priority of icmp-echo-reply this
> >> way so during icmp flooding your uplink will still work.
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> >> This link may help you:
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> > And this:
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> I haven't mentioned it yet, but several times I've seen the website
> perform fine all day until I browse to it myself and then all of a
> sudden it's super slow for me and my third-party monitor.  WTF???

I had a similar problems once when routing through a IPsec VPN tunnnel.
I needed to reduce MTU in front of the tunnel to make it work
correctly. But I think your problem is different.

Does the http server backlog on the other side? Do you have performance
graphs for other parts of the system to see them in relation? Maybe
some router on the path doesn't work as expected.


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