On 2016-10-13 11:03, thegee...@thegeezer.net wrote:
On 2016-10-13 10:46, Alarig Le Lay wrote:
On Thu Oct 13 10:26:48 2016, thegee...@thegeezer.net wrote:
can anyone point me in the direction of an
"install-ppc64-minimal-20141204.iso" or hopefully something newer?
my google-fu is letting me down!

thanks in advance!


You have install-powerpc-minimal-20140713.iso and the associated stage3 on

Perhaps you can use a stage3 from 2014 and then upgrade it after the

Unfortunately I can't get the minimal iso to boot :(  I'm guessing
there is something different between ppc64 and ppc32 that is
preventing yaboot

Also not sure how nicely a 32bit kernel will work with the 64bit
stage3 -- now that's not a deal breaker i can live in a 32bit world if
needed, it's the lack of booting that i have a problem with

just a little update -- I have the PPC64 universal iso from 2008, and had to use a 2008 stage3 i could then emerge-webrsync and this has allowed me to update portage and world.
fingers crossed for the kernel and toys :)

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