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> Hi,
> this evening I updated GENTOO and a new firefox was installed.
> This one seem completly to disable flash video finally...
> since I got no video/audio at all.
> I disabled all flash-related addons of my firefox and
> restarted  it.
> Now I got a video ... but without any audio.
> (I am running jackd by the way).
> I check with qjackctl whether there were any
> ports which I missed to connect...nothing.

If jackd is to do with alsa, then it could be the following.

Mozilla went pulse all the way:
 Require PulseAudio on Linux
See also:
Firefox nightly requires Pulse Audio

> Hmmm...
> Is there any fix for that?
Not familiar with jackd. But as far as alsa (which I stick to, like
other discontented users), I don't have sound since months ago.  The
only way to get it would be to compile alsa myself, I'm afraid. 

Miroslav Rovis
Zagreb, Croatia

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