>this evening I updated GENTOO and a new firefox was installed.
>This one seem completly to disable flash video finally...
>since I got no video/audio at all.
>I disabled all flash-related addons of my firefox and
>restarted  it.
>Now I got a video ... but without any audio.
>(I am running jackd by the way).
>I check with qjackctl whether there were any
>ports which I missed to connect...nothing.

Did you also update adobe-flash and depclean at about the same time?
Check which versions of adobe-flash are installed.
For firefox on x86 you need adobe-flash:0 (currently
For firefox on amd64 you need either adobe-flash:0 (currently
OR adobe-flash:22 (currently and freshplayerplugin.

If you had adobe-flash in @world, unslotted, recent updates will have installed 
23.... versions and a subsequent depclean would remove the 11.... version.

>Is there any fix for that?
>Best regards,

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