On Wednesday 19 Apr 2017 19:14:10 Philip Webb wrote:
> 170419 Alan McKinnon wrote:
> > I gave up on konqueror as a browser during KDE-3 and switched to Dolphin
> > as file manager in KDE-4. Have you considered that?
> I've never used Konqueror as a file-manager, but regularly use Krusader,
> which I strongly recommend for all heavy-lifting of files/directories.

Thanks Philip, I had used Krusader in the past and you encouraged me to give 
it another spin.  Icons for menus still don't show up and no matter what I 
select under Panels/Selection Mode, it still requires double click to open 
files or directories.  Plus it has no side panel for switching fast to other 
places, remote servers, et al.

I am probably missing some specific Plasma packages to control all this, which 
my selective installation of meta packages hasn't dragged in (yet).

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