Ühel kenal päeval, N, 13.07.2017 kell 16:41, kirjutas Francisco Ares:
> Hi, All.
> I'm trying to get Gentoo and xorg in an Odroid XU4 (hardkernel.com).
> Most things are done, but there are a few glitches. I'm using the
> open source xf86-video-armsoc, which does not provide GPU
> acceleration.
> So, for instance, dev-qt/qtgui with USE="gles2" (just an example), it
> will pull media-libs/mesa for 3d acceleration, although the
> proprietary library (Mali drivers) would do so.
> How would I avoid emerging media-libs/mesa in this example?

It needs the standardish khronos GL headers from somewhere, which
proprietary drivers don't ship or mess with them too much for standard
stuff. Typically mesa is a good place to get them. That doesn't mean
it'd use it at runtime when your system is eselected to mali instead.
Have you tried not worry about the dep and just get things compiled
against mesa headers and see if it actually uses mali drivers then

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