Ühel kenal päeval, E, 17.07.2017 kell 03:46, kirjutas Rasmus Thomsen:
> Hello,
> > undefined reference to
> `llvm::RTDyldMemoryManager::getSymbolAddressInProcess(std::__cxx11::b
> asic_string , std::allocator > const&)' 
> Seems to be the error, maybe you have to recompile llvm with c++11

And without any VIDEO_CARDS set, you are only getting llvmpipe with
USE=llvm. If you don't need that with Xpra, you don't need that (and
USE=gallium). I'm not sure if Xpra can make use of it or not, but if GL
is sent over the wire or something, then probably not at the server-
What llvmpipe is is described here:

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