> Try a:
> ftp> cd incoming

  Thank you, that was it.  I just pushed over a file from a Gentoo
machine to my desktop for a test.  The OS/2 Warp ftp client still
doesn't work, but that's probably a VM networking issue.  There are
other ways of getting data from inside the VM to the host machine, then
I can ftp from there.

  Annoying "feature"... if I set "anon_root=/home/ftp/incoming/", then
vsftpd refuses to run, complaining about a writable chroot directory.
So I have to do an anonymous login, starting of in /home/ftp/ and then
manually "cd incoming".

Walter Dnes <waltd...@waltdnes.org>
I don't run "desktop environments"; I run useful applications

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