On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 9:54:05 AM CEST John Covici wrote:
> Hi.  In my latest world update, I have sys-fs/zfs and friends at
> 0.7.1 and they all want to update to 9999.  Does anyone know why this
> should be -- normally 9999 is not in the normal update sequence.
> I am using the unstable gentoo, updated about 3 weeks ago.  No harm
> has come yet, but I have not done the update till I can figure out
> what is happening here -- particularly if I need a rescue cd which is
> using zfs 0.7.1.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas.

check your keywords, how did you unmask zfs?

Here are mine:

$ grep -r zfs /etc/portage
/etc/portage/package.keywords/zfs:=sys-fs/zfs-kmod-0.7.1 ~amd64
/etc/portage/package.keywords/zfs:=sys-fs/zfs-0.7.1 ~amd64
$ grep -r spl /etc/portage
/etc/portage/package.keywords/zfs:=sys-kernel/spl-0.7.1 ~amd64


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