2018-02-09 10:11 GMT+02:00 Neil Bothwick <n...@digimed.co.uk>:
> On Thu, 8 Feb 2018 23:18:19 +0000, Wol's lists wrote:
>> > More specifically, /var/tmp is traditionally supposed to be
>> > non-volatile (across reboots).
>> >
>> > Comparatively the contents of /tmp can be volatile (across reboots).
>> >
>> > I would advise against mounting /var/tmp on tmpfs.
>> >
>> /tmp is defined as being volatile - stuff can disappear at any time.
>> /var/tmp is defined as the place where programs store stuff like crash
>> recovery files. Mounting it tmpfs is going to screw up any programs
>> that reply on that *defined* behaviour to recover after a crash.
>> Mounting /var/tmp/portage as tmpfs is perfectly fine as far as I know -
>> I do it myself.
> Why mess around with another tmpfs? Just set PORTAGE_TMPDIR="/tmp" in
> make.conf. Job done!

It is an interesting idea. But why it is not done by default then?

Can somebody think of a situation when it should not be done?

My /tmp is not on tmpfs currently. Only /run

May be, it is not a good idea to put /mnt on tmpfs at the time of
Spector and Meltdown?

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