On 02/12/18 01:20, Neil Bothwick wrote:
> On Sun, 11 Feb 2018 20:04:27 -0800, Daniel Frey wrote:
>> After a little bit of fiddling around, I found out you can get an 
>> application window to remember its size and position (which is great,
>> at least the option is there.)
>> Not so nice is that I have to tell every new window I open (well, the 
>> ones that open all over the place) to remember their settings.
>> Is there a way to make this a global change for all windows? This is 
>> getting irritating.
> In System Settings -> Display and Monitor you can set the primary
> display. Windows without a saved preference should be opened on this
> display. Is that what you need?

Yes, that's better. I think it was looking random before as it was
trying to open new windows on the portrait monitor and not fitting... so
it would spread across both.


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