On Wed, Feb 14 2018, Neil Bothwick wrote:

> On Wed, 14 Feb 2018 13:28:28 -0500, allan gottlieb wrote:
>> Rather than facing that msg every emerge and possibly learning too well
>> to ignore warnings, I adopted the third remedy and removed the
>> package.provided files.
>> I will temporarily use a two step emerge --update ... @world
>> 1.  emerge --update --pretend ... @world
>> 2.  emerge -1 ... files suggested by 1 minus the bad chromium and
>> webkit-gtk
> You could try adding "exclude chromium --exclude webkit-gtk" to

I tried that a while ago.  The problem is that then portage believe
those packages aren't on my stable system and says that I must merge an
unstable package.

Specifically excluding the buggy (old) version of webkit-gtk, portage
wants me to merge a newish (testing) version of gnucash that uses a
solid new version of webkit-gtk.  I have the new version of webkit-gtk,
but really want to delay installing the testing gnucash.


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