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> I'm trying to test my package by running "ebuild /path/to/pkg.ebuild
> install".  Naturally (for me) I do this as an unprivileged user, not as
> root.  It fails because at least some steps such as dobin need to give
> away ownership of the files being installed.  I tried to run the whole
> thing including compilation under fakeroot but that doesn't help.
> If it is relevant (but I don't think it is) my user _is_ in the portage
> group.
> What is the accepted or usual way to do this task?
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You can normally build as yourself. Install requires root typically due to
write permissions on *bin and /etc.

You can probably come up with a clever way to do this, but by far the
easiest is the classic:

sudo ebuild /path/to/pkg.ebuild install

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