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Is there such a thing as a linux network filesystem that aggregates storage across a few machines? I am not talking about dedicated chunk servers and the like, but something that can make available a the unused space on a number of machines (desktops, servers, ...) by aggregating and making available the space to the network. Is afs (or coda?) what I am after?

Based on my (mis)understanding of what you're describing, it sounds like you want something like Andrew FS (AFS) or Coda FS (Coda). I'm sure there are other file systems that have come to fruition in that family (I can't remember the name).

I have used ceph, but its minimum requirements are way to heavy for a small network,moosefs looks to be similar and as dedicated storage, that's not what I am after.

I'm not familiar enough with any of the above to comment on the similarities or differences.

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