On 02/23/2018 03:21 PM, the...@sys-concept.com wrote:
> Can anybody suggest an audio controller / speakers that is compatible
> with Linux (something that does not need Mac, iPhone or Windows etc).
> For example, if I play the music on my Linux system or listen to an
> audio I would like to stream it throughout the house.
> It can be wired or wireless. I have audio/video cables running from
> basement to every room in a house, so wiring is not a problem.
I turned an old computer into a 'music box' for my parents.
Gentoo system with X Windows , Exaile, and Asunder.
I put a good soundcard in it and ran the audio output to the stereo
system receiver.
Added two drives for 4 Gg of audio file storage, as well.
No networking for it. Standalone system.
( My parents are not interested in learning how to update a Gentoo box. )

No problems.

They got rid of the Cable TV / ISP providers music channels.
No need for them now.


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