On 01/03/18 22:08, Neil Bothwick wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Mar 2018 17:56:15 +0000, Wols Lists wrote:
>>> If I cared about scanning, I'd be very tempted to spend enough money
>>> to get a network-connected printer that just e-mails me a PDF document
>>> or writes it to a network file server.  
>> Make sure you check the specs. Either it'll be expensive, or it probably
>> won't do it. My Dells have been the only printer/scanners I've had that
>> do it - HP's don't, Epsons don't ...
> That's not correct. My HP laser AIO can scan to email, a network folder
> or a USB stick.
Just downloaded an AIO manual (3050 series). It says the functionality
is Windows only, and needs to be configured using a Windows program.
Okay, that's probably bullshit, but ...

The Dell is programmed via its web interface, and will scan to any CIFS

But as I say, I'm sure when I've investigated in the past, it's always
required software on the computer to do the scan or email - oh - the AIO
manual says they can scan TO AN EMAIL PROGRAM. They can't "scan to
email" as I understand it ... it sounds like it fires up Outlook or
whatever, and sticks the scan in as an attachment. It doesn't sound like
it will talk to an email server and send an email with the scan attached.


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