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Dale <rdalek1...@gmail.com> wrote:
Floyd Anderson wrote:
On Thu, 01 Mar 2018 20:21:52 -0800
Ian Zimmerman <i...@very.loosely.org> wrote:
On 2018-03-01 18:12, Dale wrote:

Here is the list of the bounced messages:
- 182748
- 182749
- 182751

If you succeed in retrieving them, please let us know which ones they
were, so we can guess as to the cause.

Just send an empty mail to:


where ‘N’ is the message number, for instance:


and you should receive the requested mail (182749). I got it within
one minute.

Interesting.  The plot thickens.  I sent mine hours ago and got nothing
yet, other than the recent replies which are in sequence so far.  This
is what I sent to get them:


that should give you [1]


and also [2]


and finally [3]. The sequence order shouldn’t play any role I think. A year ago I got also massive bounces here (due to my mail provider) and requested a bunch of (collected) list mails by a script – nearly without problems (sometimes I had to do it twice for certain emails).

Am I missing something?

I don’t think so. Did you previously receive a help message from <gentoo-user+h...@lists.gentoo.org>? Or just try your success with <gentoo-user+get-182...@lists.gentoo.org> (my previous reply or try your own [182794] email), so the Gentoo side can probably be excluded.

I wonder if google is blocking them. I have to BCC myself to get my
replies since google sends them to /dev/null otherwise. Annoying thing.

Since all three emails have the same source, I found some blacklist results on [4] but I don’t know whether this is relevant, i.e. I’m purely guessing here.

  - [1] 
  - [2] 
  - [3] 
  - [4] <https://mxtoolbox.com/domain/tnetconsulting.net/>


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